Clare signs up as Saints Foundation ambassador


Clare is pleased to announce that she is now an ambassador for Saints Foundation, the official charity of Southampton Football Club.

This week Clare joined representatives from the Saints Foundation at a number of sessions to see first-hand the impact that the charity’s work is having across the local community, including taking time to talk to a number of participants whose lives have been positively affected as a direct result of their involvement.

As part of a packed schedule, Clare visited three Saints Foundation sessions: a Premier League Enterprise lesson at Regents Park School; a Saints4Sport women-only Box Fit session at Spartans Gym in Northam, delivered in partnership with The Society of St James; and a Saints Girls Football Project session at Woodlands Community College. For more information on each of the projects, please visit

Clare said: “I’m delighted to sign up as a Saints Foundation ambassador, and to be able to support the great work that the charity is doing across Southampton and the surrounding area.

“It’s a pleasure to see some of the many projects that they are involved in, and even more so to meet some of the participants who they have engaged over the past few years – many of whom have transformed their lives with the support of the Saints Foundation.

“It’s fantastic that Southampton Football Club is supporting its local community in such a way, and I look forward to helping the charity grow and develop over the coming years.

“I don’t think people generally realise just what football clubs do in their communities, and Southampton is particularly strong with the number of projects and the reach that it has. I’m all for supporting the good effort that is already happening and if I can just help people realise a bit more that the Saints Foundation exists, then that’s my role.

“There isn’t a person in Hampshire who doesn’t know about Southampton Football Club – which is huge, and if you can use that in a positive way and help your community and those that are most vulnerable or who need it most, then I think that’s a really good thing to support.”

Clare is particularly impressed with the Saints Foundation’s involvement in women’s sport. “For a really long time I have been a big advocate of women’s sport,” she said, “and I think it’s really important within any society that you need to see women being strong, powerful, competitive and athletic – and that those aren’t negative things.

“It’s not just about being the sports person – it’s about working in the sporting environment, whether its organising events, working in promotion or in the media, coaching or being a physio. It’s important that those paths are open for girls as well as boys.”

Clare comes from a Saints-supporting family, with her father, Ian, being a former club director while her brother, racehorse trainer Andrew, is a lifelong fan. That interest has been passed onto Andrew’s three children – Clare’s nephews and niece – who are regular visitors to St Mary’s.

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